A wind of change in the Berlin campus

« Milton Friedman’s famous claim that the purpose of a company is to maximize profits is completely has been. » By opening with those words the first conference day of an annual business seminar, Andreas Kaplan, Dean of ESCP Europe Berlin, both surprised his audience and delighted numerous students. Two of them propose a personal look back at the event.

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Shudders down the World’s spine: Trump secures his election.

By Thomas de Réals

Here’s a letter to you, America, that I hope accurately depicts the way French youth and a good part of the world perceived the choice you made on November 8th.

And the rest of the world watches aghast as America frantically scuttles its own ship and sinks while a majority of its passengers give us the finger from the deck.

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The place to be

By Adriana de Villers

Paris: the city of Culture, Art, Love and Gastronomy – the dream of artists, students and intellectuals from all over the world.

For you, as a foreigner that chose to spend a semester or more at ESCP Europe, Montmartre embodies the bohemian and artistic heart of Paris. Saint Germain des Pres is synonymous with poets and intellectuals drinking coffee and remaking the world. Both neighbourhoods have been portrayed gloriously on the silver screen time and time again. But that is a faded picture – today the place to be for students is in the neighbourhood of ESCP Europe. Surprised ?

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